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Copper Ground

The New Single opens an enchanted world of romance & wonder

"I wanted to write a song about fall colors, the nature turning towards winter and the feeling of falling in love as a warming contrast to that. Imagination played a key role as well with the visuals of liquid gold on the streets. I love to use alliteration and assonance, and I’m happy with how the lyrics came to be. For me, this song is also about getting centered in your senses as a medicine for anxiety.

The romantic concept is simple, but for me it is about my journey of slowing down as a struggling high achiever. If you’re constantly stressed out and tense, it’s impossible to get anchored in peace, creativity and trust, let alone notice the beauty around you. 

I wrote the title ‘Copper Ground’ in my notebook in 2018, a year before actually writing the song in autumn 2019. I often walk in the woods close to home, which inspired me. Last spring me and my producer Leevi Kohonen started on the production and recording. With vocal arrangement I got a little help from my mentor Cari Cole and my friend Eetu Kinnunen, and mastering was done by Daniel Hagström."

The Lyrics

Copper Ground is available on all platforms  01/22/21

The summer's gone by too fast

My body’s pulling down; it’s heavier

How long will this season last?

When there’s no one to make it easier


Velvet green on the background

It’s raining colors in the freezing air

I can’t believe it’s you I found

you are so beautiful and oh so rare


Now it’s like liquid gold

oh, drippin’ slow

on the streets you walk on

The cold and the wind, they got nothing on you

You have the Sun’s warmth when it’s gone

Leaves fall down

The swirling of yellow and brown

But all I can see is you on this copper ground


Look at the trees: they are all undressed

yeah, they got nothing to hide

There’s something I need to confess

I tried to hold it in but I can’t lie


I want to shake off the fear

No, don’t want to hold on to pretending

‘Cause I believe we brought here

Brief moment of happy ending


Don’t mean to make this all about me but

Infatuation is a real thing, and

I’m convinced that there is truth in

the kinda love that gets you shaken

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